Miss Sporty & Mr M - Pink & Gold Fit For a Princess!

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 Last post, I promise, then I'm back up to date!

Whether you are excited about the royal baby or not, a new Princess is a great excuse to crack out some gorgeous pink polishes! Congratulations to the happy family on their new arrival. :)

I have to admit, I never really gave Miss Sporty make-up the time of day before. I have very sensitive skin which tends to flare up with cheap drugstore brands, so I never really visited the Miss Sporty stands. That and I hate spherical polish bottles as they are very hard to empty! However, in the interests of blogging (= they were reduced and gorgeous), I picked up two "Crush On You" polishes.

Well, I'm sorry, Miss Sporty, for I had misjudged you. The colours are stunning, cover well and, though I'm not fond of the "crushed" texture (if polish isn't smooth it fidgets me), it lasted beautifully under a couple of top coats. So much so, in fact, that when it started to grow out I decided to try a trick I spotted on xoVain and fill in with some glitter.

Also, the three photos below show what a difference lighting makes, especially with glitter polishes! They look like two different colours!

Miss Sporty "Crush on You - 065"

Topped with Barry M "Aquarium - Treasure Chest"