OPI Nail Tints

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You guys...I'm in love. There. I said it.

I recently ordered some OPI nail tints and I LOVE them. Buy some. You will love them too. I almost guarantee it.

The tints come in four colours; Be Magentale With Me (pink), I'm Never Amberbarassed (yellow), I Can Teal You Like Me (blue) and Don't Violet Me Down (purple), .

Here you can see them on white (excuse the checky pattern showing through, I just grabbed an old envelope to test some swatches!), and over silver (Maybelline Colour Show 231 "Light Up").

One coat (top), two (thick) coats (bottom).

"Base coat" of GOSH (silver (I believe it's 555 but I've misplaced the bottle!)), Maybelline 231 "Light Up", and Barry M 439 "Starlight". If anything slightly disappointed me about this mani, it was that the stars sort of got lost in there once the colour was over the top. The little stars are so cute!

I wanted to create a rainbow effect so cuticle to tip I painted pink, yellow, blue and purple, overlapping them slightly. 

One coat of colour. You can see the rainbow coming together. You can also see my sloppy painting. Sorry. The formula felt a little weird to me, thicker and more gelatinous than normal polish. I guess if you are used to using gel-effect polish you might not notice? They're not my favourite polish texture to work with.

Two coats of tint. Sloppier painting. I apologise for not cleaning up before I took photographs, but I was SO excited with the finish!

I will definitely be trying a LOT more with these!