Gold Mint Moon

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As some of you know, I work in retail.  That gives me a great access to what people are wearing, the good and the bad (people shopping in onesies, I'm looking at you...And it's with stink-eye). One thing I love at the moment is the gorgeous cool minty greeny-blue that's out there at the moment.

I went for a browse and found the perfect shade for me, Models Own "Apple Pie". This is the first MO polish I have used, and I have to say I was impressed. Being in a rush I didn't actually notice that it is part of their scented range, and really does smell of apples! I was skeptical of the apple fragrance, but I have to say you really can smell the apples. I put top-coat on and you can even smell it slightly through that for a few hours (it had worn off by the time I woke up the next day, put it that way). It's not a strong smell, you have to be pretty close to be able to smell it. Which in our house leads to...

Yup. Classy lady right here. ;)

I LOOOOOOOVE this colour. The gold is GOSH "554 - Gold", which is another one of my favourites. Don't mind the bizarre pattern on my thumb. The initial design went wrong. This was the best (sucky) way to cover it up. :S

Happy Easter!

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Happy (belated) Easter, everyone! I LOVE Easter and spring pastels. So much so that I was tempted to leave my nails plain (*gasp*).

Buttttttt...I decided against it.
This was my first experience of using acrylic paints instead of polishes to paint details. After I got used to the different texture, it was pretty easy to apply using my nail art brushes. One downside I found was that it chipped easily when it was next to the free edge...That could have just been me applying it too thickly though. Overall I will definitely use it again for my nail art! All I used was a cheap set (£7 for 14) from a discount bookshop.