Smurfing Hell...

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I don't normally write bad reviews here, generally because I tend to try and only use awesome products, so I'm sorry if this is oddly negative for me.

I've been curious about "Suede Effect" polish for a long time. I don't usually like textured polish and I was wary of spending Nails Inc prices to try it, so when I spotted some "W7" polish in my local Xtras for £2.99 I decided to give it a try, in Aqua.

I was actually quite impressed at first, nice coverage, and it seemed to last pretty well considering there was no top coat...Though the only photograph I have of it on is the pic I took to show the first chipping three days after I put it on.

I liked the colour, the effect was pretty good, not so suedey, more like matte polish but with shimmer? Anyway, I did like it.
Then, I tried to take it off. I'm only grateful that I tried to remove it a couple of days before we went away on holiday, and not the night before like I usually do, to re-do my nails for my trip.
After 30 MINUTES and half a bottle of nail polish remover (no word of a lie), this is what I ended up with.
The pictures really don't do it justice. My fingers are still blue. It won't come off. This is completely ridiculous. I have removed polishes of every different colour and NEVER had one this bad...It won't come off even after soaking my fingers in remover (so now my fingers are dry AND blue).
Safe to say I will NOT be buying cheap sh!t polish again any time soon!!