Ohmigod! Ohmigod, You Guys!

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...What do I spy with my little eyes?! (Bonus points for spotting the musical reference...).

Anyway. Meadowhall has a BRAND NEW ARRIVAL!
Aaaaaaarghthere'saModelsOwnBottleShopInMeadowhall!!!!!!!!!!! W00T!!

Models Own went under my radar for the longest time, I only tried one of their products for the first time a few weeks ago (Apple Pie scented nail polish. It's as amazing as it sounds), but I was really impressed, so I was very excited to hear that they were bringing a bottle shop to Meadowhall! Another bonus locals will recognise instantly is that they have replaced the soap-hawkers who accosted you every time you tried to walk past them with their tiny cubes of soap (which a relative of mine took, thinking it was a piece of Turkish Delight...True story).

I would never believe how much stuff they can cram into two tiny aisles of goodies. Plus if you visited in the first couple of days, you got a free gift.

(Only the mirror was the freebie).

OK, the polish wasn't free (unless you're my husband...Then I definitely did not buy more nail polish...*whistles innocently*).

The Models Own range was already available in Boots, but the benefit of a bottle shop is that you can talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of every product in detail. I was helped by the lovely Chelsea (Hi Chelsea! *waves* ), who was extremely knowledgable on all the products, and also made sure to mention one of my very favourite points about Models Own...It's Cruelty-Free! You can read more about it here (where someone else has handily done the research so I didn't have to type it all up. Thanks Humanely Chic!).

They do also have a full range of other make-up, but, hello! I did not get excited about a shop in a giant nail polish bottle to go there and look at lipstick. I'm sure you can find a blog for that sort of thing elsewhere.

I picked up one of the new Hyper Gel colours ("Coral Glaze"), which I'll get around to reviewing over the summer. The best point so far is that it seems to be a near-perfect match for my current absolute favourite colour from Accessorize which is only available in a kit. Fingers crossed I have found a worthy successor to Sandstone coral. It certainly looks it so far (moreso in natural daylight).

Have I found an heir to the coral throne?

There is SO much more that I want to test when I can afford to hit up the bottle shop again, particularly these (pictures from Models Own site):

And obviously EVERYTHING from the Wonderland collection. Roll on pay day! :)

Ferity Mood Polish (Pink). Plus!! We Boldly Go Where No YNails Blog Has Gone Before...

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I hit up eBay a while ago and bought three different colours of the Ferity "Miss Match" mood polish.

I'm discovering that people *ahem* under a certain age, shall we say, (alright, people considerably younger than me), have never heard of mood polish. Your loss, '90s/'00s kids! ;)

I have to say, I wasn't blown away by the Ferity polish. I'm guessing from the (downright adorable) crayon-shaped bottle cap that it might be aimed more at children. It was a bit watery and the coverage wasn't overly impressive until I had three coats of it on. At £3.50 for a 4.2ml bottle, it's not very cost-effective if you have nails long enough to get the French manicure effect with it.

Ferity "Miss Match" Mood Sensitive in #286 - Pink Mood, and Nails Inc Marylebone Passage.

Here...Is where it gets exciting folks. A first for Ynails. A first for me in general. I don't wish to alarm you, but...

We're going AUDIO-VISUAL!!


Roll VT...

Gold Mint Moon

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As some of you know, I work in retail.  That gives me a great access to what people are wearing, the good and the bad (people shopping in onesies, I'm looking at you...And it's with stink-eye). One thing I love at the moment is the gorgeous cool minty greeny-blue that's out there at the moment.

I went for a browse and found the perfect shade for me, Models Own "Apple Pie". This is the first MO polish I have used, and I have to say I was impressed. Being in a rush I didn't actually notice that it is part of their scented range, and really does smell of apples! I was skeptical of the apple fragrance, but I have to say you really can smell the apples. I put top-coat on and you can even smell it slightly through that for a few hours (it had worn off by the time I woke up the next day, put it that way). It's not a strong smell, you have to be pretty close to be able to smell it. Which in our house leads to...

Yup. Classy lady right here. ;)

I LOOOOOOOVE this colour. The gold is GOSH "554 - Gold", which is another one of my favourites. Don't mind the bizarre pattern on my thumb. The initial design went wrong. This was the best (sucky) way to cover it up. :S

Happy Easter!

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Happy (belated) Easter, everyone! I LOVE Easter and spring pastels. So much so that I was tempted to leave my nails plain (*gasp*).

Buttttttt...I decided against it.
This was my first experience of using acrylic paints instead of polishes to paint details. After I got used to the different texture, it was pretty easy to apply using my nail art brushes. One downside I found was that it chipped easily when it was next to the free edge...That could have just been me applying it too thickly though. Overall I will definitely use it again for my nail art! All I used was a cheap set (£7 for 14) from a discount bookshop.

Here, Fishie Fishie!

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I bought some of the Accessorize 3D Nail Glitters a while ago (at the moment [Apr.2014] they are half price at Superdrug), and this weekend I decided to try them!
The large glitter flakes are from the "Sun Stone" kit, the polish was just a generic one I had lying around.
I think the finished product looks like little goldfish scales!


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The dress-code for my friend's 30th simply said "Sparkles!", so I went to town on my nails!

Boots No.7 - "Dancing Shoes", Laval Crystal Finish - "Glitter Dazzle" and Swarovski AB crystals.

I have to say, the Glitter Dazzle polish is about as good as it's £1 price tag suggests, but I used a toothpick to place the glitter where I wanted it and left the polish behind. I also tried the No. 7 Gel Effect top coat. I don't like it. It's too thick, it goes "stringy" like bottles do when they're drying up even if it's a new bottle...I just wasn't overly impressed with the application, though it does give a lovely high-shine finish. It takes longer to dry too.

I LOVE the No. 7 Dancing Shoes polish. I've always loved the "car paint" holographics and never quite gotten around to buying the glitter and mixing my own. No photographs I've found do it justice but for £7 a bottle I will definitely be stocking up on this and any other colours they bring out (so far just silver and pink).