Remember, Remember...

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I don't know how many of my followers are UK-based, and how many of you aren't and/or have never heard of Bonfire Night. Allow me to help you out.

I apologise. I just LOVE that site. Sorry. Anyway...So in celebration of the last time anyone entered the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions, we basically set fire to things and let off fireworks. La-la-laaaa!!

Here are my firework-inspired nails (though someone has already complimented me on my "space nails", so, whatever you prefer. Fireworks, space, I'm happy as long as they're pretty!).

Nails Inc Motcomb Street (free with Glamour magazine), glitters (from thumb), no name gold, OPI "Save Me" (Nikki Minaj collection), Revlon "Star", OPI "Save Me", Revlon "Star", with blue star crystals on ring finger (thank you Kay! :) .

The Collection

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I get asked a lot at work by customers how many nail polishes I actually own. Well, following an evening of caffeinated flu medications, I can now reveal (organised by brand) The Collection:

I was actually disappointed, I thought I had more than that. Then I remembered the 50+ I gave away this spring, and the 37 that went in the clear-out of deceased polishes.