Deck The Halls!

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Merry Christmas one and all (and Happy Holidays to those who aren't celebrating Christmas)!

I did kind of phone it in this year, I'd seen this manicure idea (I really MUST get my act together and start taking note of where I see things because I always feel bad not giving credit where it's due) but it was a lot more intricate. I simplified it due to time constraints. I like the overall effect though!

NYC 298 "High Line Green", NYC 226 "Madison Avenue", Claire's Accessories 66953 "Festive Fun", No. 7 "Sun Rays".

This was also the first time I've sponged on glitter polish to get a better coverage without layers and layers of polish. It took a while (first time?) but I was pleased with the technique and shorter drying time!

What nail goodies did everyone get for Christmas? I was spoiled with some Nails Inc (including the Kensington Caviar Gel Effect Plumping top coat that I've been too tight to buy for ages!) and an Avon kit of magnetic polishes and "wands" to use with them. Expect reviews in 2014!