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The dress-code for my friend's 30th simply said "Sparkles!", so I went to town on my nails!

Boots No.7 - "Dancing Shoes", Laval Crystal Finish - "Glitter Dazzle" and Swarovski AB crystals.

I have to say, the Glitter Dazzle polish is about as good as it's £1 price tag suggests, but I used a toothpick to place the glitter where I wanted it and left the polish behind. I also tried the No. 7 Gel Effect top coat. I don't like it. It's too thick, it goes "stringy" like bottles do when they're drying up even if it's a new bottle...I just wasn't overly impressed with the application, though it does give a lovely high-shine finish. It takes longer to dry too.

I LOVE the No. 7 Dancing Shoes polish. I've always loved the "car paint" holographics and never quite gotten around to buying the glitter and mixing my own. No photographs I've found do it justice but for £7 a bottle I will definitely be stocking up on this and any other colours they bring out (so far just silver and pink).