Miss Sporty & Mr M - Pink & Gold Fit For a Princess!

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 Last post, I promise, then I'm back up to date!

Whether you are excited about the royal baby or not, a new Princess is a great excuse to crack out some gorgeous pink polishes! Congratulations to the happy family on their new arrival. :)

I have to admit, I never really gave Miss Sporty make-up the time of day before. I have very sensitive skin which tends to flare up with cheap drugstore brands, so I never really visited the Miss Sporty stands. That and I hate spherical polish bottles as they are very hard to empty! However, in the interests of blogging (= they were reduced and gorgeous), I picked up two "Crush On You" polishes.

Well, I'm sorry, Miss Sporty, for I had misjudged you. The colours are stunning, cover well and, though I'm not fond of the "crushed" texture (if polish isn't smooth it fidgets me), it lasted beautifully under a couple of top coats. So much so, in fact, that when it started to grow out I decided to try a trick I spotted on xoVain and fill in with some glitter.

Also, the three photos below show what a difference lighting makes, especially with glitter polishes! They look like two different colours!

Miss Sporty "Crush on You - 065"

Topped with Barry M "Aquarium - Treasure Chest"

Catch-Up Post...Many Manis!

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I have taken a lot more photos than I have posted recently, here's a quick catch-up of the manis you missed. In many of them I am holding random objects, but it just happened to be the only decent shot of that polish!

My first attempt at water marbling.

Nude by Nails Inc, gold foil effect by GOSH.

Models Own "Freak Out - Mirror Ball"

Barry M I believe it is "Cocoa", with OPI glitter tips from the Moulin Rouge collection.

Barry M "Amethyst" and Black Multi glitter with nude stripe (using French Tip stickers as masking tape).

OPI Crackle "Shatter The Scales"

Models Own "Magpie Green"

Miss Sporty "Crush On You - 063"

  Bridesmaid nails! Subtle and summery to match my dress, all colours Models Own Hyper Gel "Lilac Sheen" and "Purple Glare", and glitter Models Own "Mermaid Tears - Splash".

Eep! Naked! Take II! Seeing as how the last post of my natural nails is one of the most popular, here you go again. This time much longer. I'm guessing they are either recently buffed or have a slick of OPI Nail Envy.

Cinderella Butterflies

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These were meant to be shared for the Cinderella premiere but, as you can see, I suck at posting things lately. Sorry about that! I have been busy setting up my Etsy shop, Blissikins Boutique, and making lots of lovely things to stock it, as well as doing a few craft fairs along the way.

As I have now invested a little money here (you can now find the blog at www.ynails.co.uk! Much less typing!) I hope my dedication to blogging will increase. :) I certainly have enough photos and new polishes to keep me going for a while.

I made the error of using a Hard Candy polish which is probably older than some of you reading this right now. Cue muchos bubbles. :S But, never mind. The glitter is a combination of cheap silvers, topped off with OPI Nicki Minaj in "Save Me". True story, I picked this up for $8 in Florida when it was being sold in the UK for £18. Yes, I got two bottles!

Recently I discovered a fabulous site here in the UK called Charlie's Nail Art. They sell a wide variety of nail trimmings, including 3D pieces and water decals, stamping plates, glitters, cuticle tattoos, wraps, tools, false nails and gems. All the items they sell are great value, and their delivery is usually next day.

I picked up these metal butterflies used below, 25 pieces for 75p as well as some other items, some for my nails and some for my resin craft. I can't wait to show them all to you!

The butterflies are beautifully delicate and very easy to use. To make them fit better on the nail I picked them up on the pad of my finger and rubbed them gently on the edge of something (I used the edge of a Nails Inc bottle cap). This gives them just enough curve to sit nicely on the nail without sharp bits sticking up and getting in the way. They are so delicate that I found I didn't need to use glue, wet polish is enough to hold them on easily.

Butterfly nail decals from Charlie's Nail Art, 75p/25 pieces.