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Glitter polish OPI "Mad As A Hatter"*, pink (ring finger) Leighton Denny "Plush Pink", Swarovski crystals in aurora borialis, clear, pink, purple and blue.


*Dammit that polish is soooooo amazingly beautiful it makes me giddy just looking at it. It's also THE hardest colour to photograph well, the only lighting that nearly got all the sparkle? I only had my crappy camera phone (hence it being all blurry). Might take my camera tomorrow to the same place and try again.


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My nails, that is.

In real life, particularly at work, I get SO many people assuming that my nails are acrylic or stuck on or otherwise fake. So, here in all their unadorned glory (not even with a slick of Nail Envy), are my nails.


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OK, I caved...I went for the Olympic nails. I have to say, I am SO jealous that all of the atheletes get their own amazing nail bar that does all of the world flags. I don't know if I want to go there or work there, but either way, I am jealous.

Gold Glitter OPI "Bring On The Bling" (love love LOVE this shade! It's mainly gold, but with pink, blue, green, and red mixed it), Rimmel 085 white (I really need a new white, it's getting gloopy :( ) and KISS Nail Art black striper. The stones are just randoms from eBay. The yellow doesn't look as yellow here as it does in real life. :( My Olympic rings look pretty cool in real life!