Wah-inspired Leopard Print!

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Inspired by the lovely Wah Nails, we have my first attempt at leopard print. I was so impressed with myself, I posted both hands. :)

Colours are: Background turquoise (Barry M 295) and purple (Nails Inc. Kings Rd), leopard print in orange (Nails Inc. Portobello Market), and yellow (Nails Inc. Spitalfields), and black (Barry M 47).

Glitter Fade!

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W7 (Pink Dazzle), W7 (Purple Dazzle), Saffron London (05).

The small photo doesn't do justice to the sparkliness! Neither does the big one really, but it's a bit better! If I can get a better shot I will post it later in the week.

Dots & Flowers.

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I was inspired by this gorgeous cake:

To create this nail design!
Yup, that is a big dirdy CRACK on my middle finger, right through my flower :,( GAH!
Also, I've tidied up for once and put away all my polishes, so I can't list the names of the colours right now. The French manicure is the same colours I used last week. The turquoise dots is the BarryM turquoise I've used in previous designs. The pink and purple polishes are Nails Inc, and the green is a random cheapy. :)

More Sponging Practice

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Collection 2000 (315 "Aztec Gold") background, with Barry M (295 "Pure Turquoise") faded over the top, and OPI (Ltd. Ed. and btw I ♥ "Absolutely Alice") blue/gold glitter, and Barry M (295) four-petal flowers outlined in white polish.

I just discovered Wah Nails . They are AMAZING. I want to go there and have many, many manicures. OR, I want them to open a Sheffield branch so that I can work there, pretty please, kthx. :)

Practicing Sponging.

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No.7 (pale sparkly pink), with Nails Inc. "Paris" (Diet Coke Ltd Ed) sponged half-way and painted on tips, with Saffron London "05" (purple & holographic glitter) over the top.

Tropical Blue.

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Barry M - 294 "Cyan Blue" with Sinful Colours 282 "Love Nails" and Saffron London 07 silver glitter stripe.

Fimo Canes - First Attempt!

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 Background colour: Nails Inc in "London" (Boots Diet Coke Ltd.Ed).