Casino Royale

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Ok, these are rough pre-clean-up shots,  but I just had to share incase anything smudges when I top coat! :S

For this design I used: Nails Inc. - Aspen (metallic red), Barry M (metallic green, and yellow), GOSH (metallic gold), KISS black and white stripers. I used so little of the blue (and it was a bit old and crap too) so that's not important. Just use a generic blue.

Now, the only colours I used the striper brushes for were black and white. For other detail work, I use butchered kids paintbrushes, that I cut to size with scissors. Brushes can't be cleaned after this, they fall apart, so use them for everything that you can in each sitting. If you want a larger dotting tool (as I did), you can also use the other end of the paintbrush.

The AWESOME tutorial for the King of Hearts (AKA, how to do it properly!) can be found here: