Prabal Gurung Blood Spatter

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I LOVED the nails from NYFW, especially the gruesome blood spatter nails from Prabal Gurung. I thought I'd give them a go for Halloween!

I can't exactly do what I usually do and give shades, etc. The base coat is Nails Inc South Molton Street, but the blood is actually a mix of reds, all Nails Inc, including Victoria, Tate, Victoria & Albert, and Milan.
The main difference is that I didn't apply a top coat over the "blood". I applied the South Molton Street, then regular top coat, THEN the "blood". 
I mixed the reds on a sheet of paper, and allowed the polish to sit for a minute or so before I applied it with a regular brush. I allowed it to dry on my nails, and then "stippled" it a bit to add some texture. The effect was just what I wanted, and caused quite a stir when I paid for things at the Halloween event we went to! 

#The Leaves They Are A-Changin' #

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I love Autumn, the crisp air, the crispier leaves, the bonfires, the excuse to drag out your woolies again after the Summer...Awesome.

I took inspiration from the colours of Autumn for my latest design, and thought I'd dig out my sponges again.

Now, I was in two minds about whether to post these photographs. In the end I decided to just apologise profusely for the state of the paint job! Yes, my fingers are still messy and covered in nail oil. Usually I wait until I've cleaned it off to take the photograph, but I fell asleep drying and woke up in time to just grab a few snaps before bed!

So please ignore the fact that they look like the base coat was applied by a 5yr old. :S

Revlon "Colour Zing" in 502 Peachzing, No.7 "Taffeta" 90 over the top, no-name irredescent glitter over the top.

Happy Panda!

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I apologise for the state of the base colour (and my out of Nail Envy and had to do something to spin out what I was wearing!!), but my BFF sent me a video of this adorable panda design, and I just had to give it a shot!

Nails Inc "Ascot Ladies Day", with No.7 irredescent glitter topcoat and random black and white for the panda.
I'm told that nude nails are there you go. I'm accidentally fashionable too. :)