Baby Blue...

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I am overwhelmed by the number of page views I have had on this blog! And also slightly ashamed...I really need to update more often! I have a pretty good excuse though...A couple of friends have recently had babies. One of my other hobbies besides nails is cross-stitch (yeah, I'm such a party animal you can see some of my crafty exploits on my other blog, as well as my holiday snaps!). However, sewing and wet nail polish do NOT mix, so I have spent most of the summer so far just wearing a quick coat of Nail Envy and nothing else. :S

However, to celebrate the latest little guy making his way into the world, I decided to go for one of my favourite colour combos: Blue and Glittery!!

Collection 2000 #230, with NYC 101A over the top, though you can't actually see the glittery NYC even though there's about 5 coats on there. The dots on my ring finger are just Rimmel Lasting Finish 085. I put the dots on AFTER the glitter, so they stand out a little better.

I apologise for the state of it! I've had the same polish on for about 10 days now, so it's starting to look a little tatty, I forgot to take a photograph when it was fresh. :S

Also, hopefully by the time you read this (unless you're really fast!), I should have added Pinterest. Feel free to share!