Ferity Mood Polish (Pink). Plus!! We Boldly Go Where No YNails Blog Has Gone Before...

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I hit up eBay a while ago and bought three different colours of the Ferity "Miss Match" mood polish.

I'm discovering that people *ahem* under a certain age, shall we say, (alright, people considerably younger than me), have never heard of mood polish. Your loss, '90s/'00s kids! ;)

I have to say, I wasn't blown away by the Ferity polish. I'm guessing from the (downright adorable) crayon-shaped bottle cap that it might be aimed more at children. It was a bit watery and the coverage wasn't overly impressive until I had three coats of it on. At £3.50 for a 4.2ml bottle, it's not very cost-effective if you have nails long enough to get the French manicure effect with it.

Ferity "Miss Match" Mood Sensitive in #286 - Pink Mood, and Nails Inc Marylebone Passage.

Here...Is where it gets exciting folks. A first for Ynails. A first for me in general. I don't wish to alarm you, but...

We're going AUDIO-VISUAL!!


Roll VT...