#The Leaves They Are A-Changin' #

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I love Autumn, the crisp air, the crispier leaves, the bonfires, the excuse to drag out your woolies again after the Summer...Awesome.

I took inspiration from the colours of Autumn for my latest design, and thought I'd dig out my sponges again.

Now, I was in two minds about whether to post these photographs. In the end I decided to just apologise profusely for the state of the paint job! Yes, my fingers are still messy and covered in nail oil. Usually I wait until I've cleaned it off to take the photograph, but I fell asleep drying and woke up in time to just grab a few snaps before bed!

So please ignore the fact that they look like the base coat was applied by a 5yr old. :S

Revlon "Colour Zing" in 502 Peachzing, No.7 "Taffeta" 90 over the top, no-name irredescent glitter over the top.