Prabal Gurung Blood Spatter

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I LOVED the nails from NYFW, especially the gruesome blood spatter nails from Prabal Gurung. I thought I'd give them a go for Halloween!

I can't exactly do what I usually do and give shades, etc. The base coat is Nails Inc South Molton Street, but the blood is actually a mix of reds, all Nails Inc, including Victoria, Tate, Victoria & Albert, and Milan.
The main difference is that I didn't apply a top coat over the "blood". I applied the South Molton Street, then regular top coat, THEN the "blood". 
I mixed the reds on a sheet of paper, and allowed the polish to sit for a minute or so before I applied it with a regular brush. I allowed it to dry on my nails, and then "stippled" it a bit to add some texture. The effect was just what I wanted, and caused quite a stir when I paid for things at the Halloween event we went to!