Firework Crackle

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This is one of my favourite manis I've ever done. And since I did it, I've tidied up and put the rainbow glitter polish away, and can't remember what it is. :S I think it was just a regular old rainbow glitter from Superdrug though.

I painted my nails plain black, then applied the silver crackle. Once that had done it's thing and dried, I went over my nails with a dotting tool, filling in the largest cracks with glitter polish. DEFINITELY one I will do again with different colours, I loved it! So many people commented on it (I work in retail, so lots of people see my nails at close quarters every day!), and wanted to know how I got the crackle to crack in all the right places, haha!

Barry M - Black, OPI - Silver Shatter, Unknown Rainbow Glitter.