Review: WooWoo Nail Wraps

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I was a very lucky girl this Christmas, and received LOTS of lovely nail treats! One of which was these lovely WooWoo nail wraps. I've never tried nail wraps before, and I have to say I was very impressed at how easy they were to apply. I'm not going to do a tutorial post, because they are all over the place and there is a very good one on the WooWoo Nails site, but for a first time they were very easy to apply and I was impressed with how they turned out (my cutting out does need to be a bit neater, but I did use a Stanley knife).

WooWoo also offer a Design Your Own service, which I'm sure I will be taking advantage of in the future! You can upload any image and have it made into nail wraps! Match dresses or outfits exactly, even with the same print, or just put your own pictures on! Love it!