Testing Barry M Nail Effects

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The long-awaited "Nail Effects" by Barry M finally found it's way into my possession last week (after ordering it from Boots AND Superdrug!). This stuff is £3.99 (£1 more than normal BM colours) and was going for up to £45 on eBay. Nail peeps are CRAZAZY!! Anyways, here is my test:

Base: Rimmel White, topped with W7 Gold, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Silver and Orange Dazzle glitters. Barry M Nail Effects (Black, 311).

To be honest, if I'd thought about it and had more time, I would have applied a single layer of clear polish over the top of the glitter, as the BMNE seemed to almost separate the glitter polishes as well as itself. The black polish is painted on all in one coat completely covering the nail. Then it separates into a variety of patterns depending on how thickly you apply it, and what you apply it over. the ones I chose seem to create an animal-y print, though apparently it can do shattered barcode style effects too. It does dry matte, and apparently rubs off if you don't apply a top coat. Also, the initial two coats of top coat dried bumpy, so if you're a fidgeter who has to have flat nails, you will need to stock up on the top coat for this stuff!

Overall, I like it.